Reverting science to an open enterprise

Reverting science to an open enterprise


The report covers 10 recommendations, the most encouraging snippets being the following:


– Scientists should communicate the data they collect and the models they create, via methods that allow free and open access.

– Dataset metrics should give credit by using internationally recognised standards for data citation.

– Learned societies and academies should promote collaboration to exploit the opportunities provided by more effective data sharing.

– Learned societies and academies should promote the benefits of new data sharing tools.

– The common data policies for research councils in the UK need to be updated within the next year to require data management plans.

– As a condition of publication, scientific journals should progressively enforce requirements for traceable and usable data available through an article, when they are intrinsic to the arguments in that article.

– Publishers should encourage and support incentives for the citation of datasets.

– Governments should recognise the potential of open data and open science to enhance the excellence of the science base.


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