Reviewer’s Bookwatch Midwest Book Review

Reviewer’s Bookwatch Midwest Book Review


Reviewer’s Choice

Abstraction in Theory
Subhajit Ganguly
VMA Publications
9781475072495, $6.25,

Dr. Allen Jepson

For many years now, scientists, particularly physicists have been attempting to reach to a “theory of everything’, a theory that would describe all known phenomena in the physical world. However, none of the attempts has yet been successful. The much publicized ‘string theories’ and other ToEs (Theories of Everything-s) have all but made our hopes rise, but unfortunately, they all have proved to be any satisfactory description of the known world.

Are we inching towards a new theory of everything in physics? Well the works of Subhajit Ganguly (theoretical physicist), now compiled in a book titled ‘Abstraction In Theory: Laws Of Physical Transaction’ points towards such a possibility. The theory most importantly does not assume anything at the beginning, but builds upon from ‘zero postulation’. Zero postulation is a new approach that takes into account all possibilities and does not favour any possibility over others. Thus the very likelihood of building upon incomplete notions into some incomplete theory is eliminated by this method.

‘This book is a way forward towards the ‘theory of everything’ in physics. True to this gigantic task, the author approaches the subject in a completely new way. The whole theory is based on the concept of ‘zero-postulation’, an area where others have been less than successful. The idea of ‘zero-postulation’ in itself is a tremendous leap in the methods applied in studying sciences. Based on no assumption, this approach is totally based on solid grounds, unlike the other theories in existence. It is a neat and satisfactory description of the world.’

The theory seems to have very strong foundations. It also seems to fit in as a successful description of the physical world. Definitely a way towards the much cited theory of everything in physics, the Holy Grail of physics. The author has done well in writing the book in a much lucid manner, taking into consideration the ‘heaviness’ of the subject it deals with. He has tried (and succeeded too) in making the book enjoyable for all readers: scholars and laymen alike. The only criterion for having takeaways from the book for any reader seems to be the possession of curiosity regarding the working of the world.



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