Plum™ Analytics and figshare Collaborate to Ensure Researchers Get Credit for Their Research.

Philadelphia — December 3, 2012 –In ever-growing efforts to provide a full picture of research and researchers, Plum Analytics and figshare are working together to provide metrics about the use of datasets. figshare has pioneered the sharing of research beyond the traditional publishing model by providing an easy mechanism for researchers to share datasets. These datasets include artifacts such as spreadsheets, figures, photos, papers, etc. figshare makes it easy for researchers to get credit for this research by publishing it in a discoverable way outside of journals. figshare keeps metrics such as views and shares for every dataset artifact so researchers and others can see which datasets are most used.

Utilizing the figshare API, Plum Analytics is gathering metrics about datasets and organizing them to provide a composite and comprehensive view of researchers, and their affiliations such as departments, labs, institutions, etc. “We are excited to work with figshare whose datasets are becoming more and more important to measuring the impact of research,” said Andrea Michalek, co-founder of Plum Analytics. “We are seeing very interesting results as we aggregate the large variety of metrics available and discovering what research is making the largest impact.”


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