Vitayard – December, 2013

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The Vitayard Research Platform took an infant step in October, when it first started its bold march in the world of Open Science and Research. In its second issue, it takes the cause further and presents an even bigger collection of research articles appearing in various repositories.
Each of these items were chosen depending upon various factors that include novelty of idea, breakthrough in techniques, contribution to the respective fields, etc. The idea is fast becoming popular among researchers as an alternative method of dissemination of research.
In days to come, we hope to take Vitayard forward in achieving the true spirit of not only Open Access but Open Research. Sharing research openly is a responsibility that researchers simply cannot escape today. Repositories that are Open Access can take care of that. Scavenging Systems like Vitayard can publish research that appear in such repositories. They can take in submissions from researchers directly, as well.