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The World with Zero Postulation: Unraveling the Mysteries of Nature…

‘A World with Zero Postulation’ is a landmark book that tells the story of the development of our understanding of the universe in as simple terms as it can be said in. Embark on an incredible journey through time, as human understanding of science journeys from the ancient age, through the medieval age, to the age. It tells, in simple language, the very recent developments in the world of science in general and of physics in particular.
‘It becomes increasingly difficult for us to predict emergent phenomena, as there is an increase in the number of properties that we have to consider for doing that. However, it should also be kept in mind than merely a large number of insignificant components, coming together and constituting a given system, is not enough to ensure that we have emergent properties. The noise that is produced may sometimes subdue the emergent properties too. ‘

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Zero-Postulation or Null-Postulation and Abstraction