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Abstraction and Structures in Energy

Zero postulation and the principles of the Theory of Abstraction are used to study structures of energy inside a black hole, which is incredibly heavy and incredibly small. We chase the questions, how matter (with various structures) is formed from energy and the energy making up matter has to be in what orientation to form the matter that we see. We arrive at the fundamental model and the equations describing the formation of structure in energy.

We investigate the blueprint for the structures in energy. This helps us to understand the formation of structures of matter as we know them. Abstraction takes into account the scaling-ratio concerned for a given accuracy of observations. At different scaling-ratios, these structures can show completely different emergent phenomena. Again, these emergent phenomena depend upon the given set of dimensions that we consider for a given set of observations. The points inside a given system of energy organize themselves at different scaling-ratios to form different orientations or patterns. These different orientations or patterns may give rise to different orientations of matter. Read more here

Abstraction in Theory – Laws of Physical Transactions

Considering transport or tendency of transport of physical entities from an initial to a final point,we come to a similar basis of understanding of various physical phenomena.The trajectory-behavior of such transport represents the effect or field of influence.This way,we may explain cluster-formation in the universe,an expanding universe,etc.This may also lead to a similar basis for understanding the four non-contact forces of nature.Also,for different ranges of acceleration in the field formed in spacetime,we have different properties of matter interacting.This may explain the difference in ranges of the various forces.

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The World with Zero Postulation: Unraveling the Mysteries of Nature…

In order to know about modern developments physics, you have to get a clear picture about how science (in general) and physics (in particular) developed over the course of history. Read The World With Zero Postulation, which is written in an easy manner that everybody can understand.

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