More on the Structure of Matter

Abstraction and Structures in Energy

Zero postulation and the principles of the Theory of Abstraction are used to study structures of energy inside a black hole, which is incredibly heavy and incredibly small. We chase the questions, how matter (with various structures) is formed from energy and the energy making up matter has to be in what orientation to form the matter that we see. We arrive at the fundamental model and the equations describing the formation of structure in energy.

The Theory of Abstraction and the principle of Zero Postulation describes everything that there ‘is’ in the universe (including spacetime) as an expression of energy. It explains directivity towards optimized solutions and cluster formation in the universe as inherent properties of the energy itself. It must also be able to describe the formation of various structures in energy. As such, it is of great interest for us to investigate how the matter that we see around us is formed from the various orientations of the structured formed in energy.The_World_with_Zero__Cover_for_Kindle

A theory that is able to describe the world in totality has to keep the number of basic postulates it depends upon to zero or near zero. Reductionism hits a dead end in this regard. On the other hand, abstraction as the starting point of building up a theory may be seen to be of fitting use. It would be much more than a new way of tackling the problem. Even abstract postulates do away with the shackles that bind our theories into the system and bar them from being total descriptions of the system. The abstraction we are talking about here may be defined as, ‚Postulation of non-postulation‛ or, in other words, ‚A system of postulation that gives equal weights to all possible solutions inside the system and favors none of such solutions over others.‛

Abstraction automatically gives rise to optimized solutions within the universal set of all possible solutions, as has been shown in this book. It is these optimized solutions that make up and drive the non-abstract parts of the world, while the non-optimized solutions remain ‘hidden’ from the material world, inside the abstract world. Starting from a basis of no postulation, we build our theory. As we go on piling up possibilities, we come to a similar basis for understanding the four non-contact forces of nature known till date.

The difference in ranges of these forces is explained from this basis in this book. Zero postulation or abstraction as the basis of theory synthesis allows us to explore even imaginary and chaotic non-favored solutions as possibilities. With no postulation as the fundamental basis, we are thus able to pile up postulated results or favored results, but not the other way round. We keep describing such implications of abstraction in this book. We deal with the abstraction of observable parameters involved in a given system (quantum, relativistic, chaotic, non-chaotic) and formulate a similar basis of understanding them.

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Abstraction in Theory – Laws of Physical Transactions

Considering transport or tendency of transport of physical entities from an initial to a final point,we come to a similar basis of understanding of various physical phenomena.The trajectory-behavior of such transport represents the effect or field of influence.This way,we may explain cluster-formation in the universe,an expanding universe,etc.This may also lead to a similar basis for understanding the four non-contact forces of nature.Also,for different ranges of acceleration in the field formed in spacetime,we have different properties of matter interacting.This may explain the difference in ranges of the various forces.

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The World with Zero Postulation: Unraveling the Mysteries of Nature…

‘A World with Zero Postulation’ is a landmark book that tells the story of the development of our understanding of the universe in as simple terms as it can be said in. Embark on an incredible journey through time, as human understanding of science journeys from the ancient age, through the medieval age, to the age. It tells, in simple language, the very recent developments in the world of science in general and of physics in particular.
‘It becomes increasingly difficult for us to predict emergent phenomena, as there is an increase in the number of properties that we have to consider for doing that. However, it should also be kept in mind than merely a large number of insignificant components, coming together and constituting a given system, is not enough to ensure that we have emergent properties. The noise that is produced may sometimes subdue the emergent properties too. ‘

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Zero-Postulation or Null-Postulation and Abstraction

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